Day: September 2, 2017

Top 5 Foods to try in Myanmar

I am a serial foodie and all my regular readers know that I can resist anything but delicious-looking food (particularly a dish I never had before). I have been to Myanmar a couple of times and each time I am fascinated by the food this uniquely beautiful country has to offer. While Myanmar may not

What is an USA ESTA visa?

Travelling can be fun especially when you are traveling to the destination of your choice. USA ESTA Visa is one of the requirements for traveling to the US ESTA stands for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization” and it is advisable for you to apply for an ESTA Visa prior to your purchasing an airline ticket

How long will it take to get a visa to Australia: Tips and guidelines?

Applying a visa is a simple job for everyone, however having a little understanding and awareness regarding procedures and prerequisites is highly essential. If you are also seeking knowledge on, “How long will it take to get a visa to Australia”, this article will provide you the required information about the theme that you are