7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Australia

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Australia the land of fresh air and unspoiled nature! Its multicultural society adds to it’s magic but the real beauty of living in Australia is its laid back lifestyle and the amazing climate! The job opportunities and healthcare system make Australia a dreamland and this is why I moved to Australia! If you are thinking of traveling or moving to Australia here are the 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Australia.

Australia is extremely expensive

A meal can cost up to AUD $20 and a bed in a Sydney hostel can cost around AUD $40 per night! A one-way short trip with the subway can cost you AUD $5.60. If you are planning on spending a month in Australia make sure you have at least AUD $3000. Buy hey! You can find a job through a working holiday visa and once you start getting paid at AUD $20 per hour life will become more affordable.

The Australian Laws

Let me explain this, the Australians (the people) are very friendly and laid back… that is true. But the law in Australia is so strict that even sometimes Australians claim they are living in a “nanny state”!. The judicial system is so unnecessarily strict and controlling on even the most minute issues. You can be fined an AUD $110 for not stopping completely (take your feet off the pedals and place them on the ground) at a stop sign! But as a bonus, that makes Australia much safer than many other countries.

The Cities Are Boring!

There is very little special Australian things to do around cities. Yes, Australia does have a huge number of amazing restaurants and a growing number of cafes but nothing much is special to be done around the cities, more specifically nothing that is considered uniquely Australian that deserves travelling to see.

Don’t Expect To Be Surrounded By Kangaroos and Koalas!

Unlike the image that you may have in mind no, you will not be surrounded by kangaroos and koalas and you will not see them hopping around you all the time! They are not common to spot in highly populated areas but you can still see them in the wild but then you’d have to go to a national park or a reserve.

Not Tipping Culture

That is one thing you will definitely like about Australia, there is not tipping culture.You are not expected to pay a time to your taxi or leave a little more for the waiter in restaurants. Workers are paid very well in Australia compared to other parts of the world so there’s no need to tip, it’s just not part of the Australian culture.

The Sun

The sun is very high and strong in Australia. You have to stock up on sunblock you can get burned in just 15 minutes on a cloudy day! Yes, it is that strong so cover up, use sunscreen, stay hydrated and balance your time between the sun and the shade.

Welcome To The Offline World

The internet in Australia is very expensive AND slow! So you need to adapt to the fact that you will be going offline.

That said, these are the 7 things 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Australia. But one thing for sure no one told me is that you’ll never want to leave Australia… the beauty!


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