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Hello! As you see from my writings, my name is Zeroun. Zeroun Eckhart. A 24-year-old world traveler.

I’m also a travel blogger, I’m someone who loves to travel and review everything I see, everything I touch and everything I eat. Simply put, I like to review almost all my surroundings in the hope of making people know what I do and let them know if they should do it as well.

But what really makes me an interesting character is not what I do for a living. The interesting thing about my blog is HOW I DO it!

Coming from New Zealand, my lifestyle has always been different from almost everyone I know. I come from a really far town in my country, a town where everything is simple, monogamous and even when it is not as boring as some places I’ve visited – it can be pretty silly.

So I decided to leave in order to travel around the world and make people know about each one of my adventures. But what do I do to afford such a costly living? Well, I work! Yes, and I don’t simply mean working here on my blog – I work everywhere I got for at least 2 months and then I write down every one of my experiences.

Simple, right? Well, it can be more complicated than you think and that’s why I invite you to take a look at my blog – or even better – send me a message or contact me via social media. I will be more than glad to share my experiences with you.