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Cheap baby clothes – Well if one thing is for sure is that the baby itself mostly doesn’t complain about how cheap it’s clothes are:) However sometimes the parents seem to think that more expensive clothing is somehow better for the baby, of course it could be that certain fabrics are more comfortable (or the baby might be allergic) which of course should be taken into consideration, however normally baby clothes can be bought pretty cheap. An advantage is that normally you don’t fit baby clothes when you buy them so you might as wel buy them online, which is most often much cheaper then in regular stores.

Remember that you will get gifts… which mostly will be clothes

Your friend and family will burry you in gifts after you had the pleasure of receiving a baby, remember that most of them will give you all different sizes of clothes, some people receive so many that they won’t have to buy clothes themselves for a long period. Just so you know:)

Used clothes? Why not, certainly if it’s not from strangers?

Maybe you have friends and family who already have baby/child which is a little bit older and has already grown out of many clothes. Because babies grow so fast they can’t use most of their clothes for a very long time, which means it’s usually not worn out… so why not use this clothing from you friends/family? It’s a complete waste just to throw good clothes away, and I would definitely use them again… it’s saves you money which you can invest in other things for your child, like saving up for the iphone 54 which they will want to have when they grow up:)

Have you got some tips regarding cheap baby clothes or know some nice stores, let us know in the comments:

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