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Cheap dresses can be found everywhere of course, but you also want some quality and fashionable looks. Dresses (frocks, gowns) are basically skirts with an attached bodice. It’s a one piece clothing object and is worn mainly by woman, there’s some parts in the world where it’s not strange to see men wearing a sort of dress but in our parts of the world you would get some strange looks if you’d be wearing dresses everyday as a man. Dresses are mostly loose and less confining then many trousers so it’s really lovely to wear in the summer. But where do you find cheap dresses…. wel if you’re looking to go shopping somewhere you should try shops like Zara, Primark, new look and markets. Most shops also have an online website where you can order and there are also some cool online shops that specialize purely in dresses.

Types of dresses according to wikipedia:

Ball gown, a very formal dress, typically elaborate and floor-length

Cocktail dress, a semi-formal dress

Débutante dress, a white dress worn by young women at debutante cotillions

Evening gown, a long dress worn for evening events

Gymslip, a sleeveless tunic most commonly worn as part of a girl’s school uniform

Jumper dress, a dress worn over a blouse

Little black dress, an evening dress or cocktail dress, often quite short, which has enjoyed popularity as a wardrobe staple since the 1920s

Maxi dress, a long dress, often ankle length, corresponding to the maxi skirt

Minidress, a short dress with a high hemline equivalent to that found on a mini skirt

Nightdress, worn as nightwear, which may come in a variety of styles

Sari, a style of clothing worn by women in the Indian Subcontinent

Shift dress, a short, sleeveless dress in a simple style with little detailing

Shirtdress, a dress borrowing details from the style of a men’s shirt, often including collar or front buttons

Sundress, intended for wearing in warmer weather. It will often be made of a lightweight fabric and will frequently be sleeveless.

Tea gown, a semiformal gown intended for wear during afternoon tea

Wedding dress, worn exclusively by the bride at her wedding. In Western cultures, white is the most popular colour.

Wrap dress, a dress having a front closure which wraps around the body, forming a v-shaped neckline

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