Have a clothing budget

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Of course you want your wardrobe to change every now and then and you also want to have enough choice so you won’t be wearing the same outfits every day/week. The only problem is that most people don’t have an infinite amount of money to spend on clothes. That’s why you have to be smart about when you buy and where you buy. Having 1 awesome expensive clothing piece can make you proud, but that’ll wear off pretty quickly… in my opinion it’s better too have more cool stuff for the same price when you only have so much too spend.

One way that helps me is to have a monthly budget, this makes sure that I can buy new stuff every month and that I have a clear understanding of how much I can spend. This way I really keep track of discounts and special offers and make wise decisions to buy it or not… because if it’s too expensive I know I won’t be able to buy anything else this month.

The worst thing to do is to buy impulsively… I have done this many times and afterwards always felt bad about it because I found the same product for a better price, or just because I’m not that happy with it as I thought I would be. Prevent impulsive buying to keep you from being dissapointed!

What you can also do, if sometimes you’d like to have something from an expensive brand, is save a small part of your monthly budget to save up for one expensive cool handbag (for example) at the end of the year:)

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