How long can you stay on a tourist visa in Canada?

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If you are traveling as a tourist or a visitor to meet friends, families, or just take a visit to Canada ( ) you have limited time to stay in Canada. If you wish to extend a bit more, you have to do the things required (which is to be shown in the next bullet).

When traveling as a tourist or a visitor to Canada you are only allowed to have 6 months of stay.From the day you entered to Canada to the day, you will leave will be shown on your passport. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), they can be found at the port entry, is in-charge about your visit and stay in Canada. If you want to contact them, you can visit their website at

What if I want to have a longer or an extended stay in Canada?

If you want or wish to have a longer stay in Canada, you can extend your stay in Canada as a tourist or visitor by applying online or through papers. You must check your temporary resident status to be sure that you’ll apply before the expiry date. If you do not have a stamp on your passport, or a student or worker permit, you should apply 30 days before your status expires. In applying online, you must first have access to a scanner or camera so that you can create electronic copies of your documents to upload, and a valid credit card to pay with as said on the website. If you will be applying through papers you have to read and follow the instructions on the paper that will be given to, you can get the paper online. If you wish to apply online or through papers, visit this website:

If you still wish to apply so that you can extend your permit, but because of waiting for a decision, your visitor visa expires. You still have a Temporary Resident Status or also known as the Implied Status.

What do I do if I want to be a permanent resident in Canada?

If you want to be a permanent resident in Canada, you have to contact the nearest embassy or commission of Canada. Follow the requirements they will give you. You should also apply on becoming a PR by taking the application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Take note, part of the process of becoming a PR, you must live in Canada for two years out of 5. They do not issue any Temporary Resident Visas (TRV). If you don’t live in Canada and do not have a valid PR card, you must apply the PRTD or the Permanent Resident Travel Document.

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