Online shopping tips

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When you’re shopping for clothes online there’s a lot of advantages, like easily comparing the collection of shops and easily comparing prices so you’re quite sure that you are doing a good deal. However there are also some disadvantages, like you can’t feel, touch and try on the clothes/shoes you want to buy. Of course this should not be a problem, because you can try them on at thome and return them if you’re not satisfied. But to be sure you can easily return your products, always check out the returns policy of the shop you are going to order them! Just to make sure that you know in what cases you can return the goods, and what the costs are of returning them.

Online discount codes

Some shops work with coupon’s or discount codes. What’s that? Well when you have put all the goods you want to buy in your virtual shopping basket, you will want to go and ‘check out’… so pay for the products and confirm the order. It is at this stage that the webshop will present you an overview of the products in your basket and a total price… at this page you often have the ability to enter a discount code into a textfield… but what to do when you do not know of any discount codes?? well very simple, just open a new browser window and google for it! Google the name of the shop in combination with ‘discount code’ or ‘coupon’ or whatever term they use on the website. You won’t always find a working discount code (probably there are not promotion all year round), but it can’t hurt to try and it only takes a minute or so.


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