What is an USA ESTA visa?

Travelling can be fun especially when you are traveling to the destination of your choice. USA ESTA Visa is one of the requirements for traveling to the US. ESTA stands for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization” and it is advisable for you to apply for an ESTA Visa prior to your purchasing an airline ticket to the US.

There are certain important facts that you need to know about getting an ESTA Visa to the US and these facts are what this article will be talking about.

Important facts about the USA ESTA Visa

These are some important facts that you need to know about an ESTA Visa to the US:

  1. Eligibility: the ESTA Visa helps to determine your eligibility as a visitor that is traveling to the US under VWP which is an acronym for “Visa Waiver Program”. The ESTA Visa system is automated in nature. It is, however, important for you to know that the fact that you have an ESTA Visa does not automatically qualify you for a grand entry into the US because admissibility into the US is the sole prerogative of the “United States Customs and Border Protection Officers” that checks your admissibility on your arrival to the US as a traveler.


  1. Information: one of the main things that an US ESTA Visa to the US does is that it assists you in collecting your biographic information and further assists you to answer the VWP questions that have to do with your eligibility status of traveling to the US.


  1. Submission: knowing the right time to apply for and submit an ESTA Visa is important and this Visa can be submitted any time right before you travel although, it will be recommended that you apply for the Visa as soon as you start putting the plans of your travel in motion and this is right before you purchase the airline ticket for your traveling.


  1. Requirement: it is important for you to know that for you to be able to apply for and submit an ESTA Visa for the US; you will need to have an e-passport that enhances the security of your passport because of the electronic chip that is embedded in the passport. An e-passport is easily identifiable because of the international symbol that is designed uniquely on the cover.

Having known the basics of the USA ESTA Visa, you will now be able to apply for and submit the ESTA Visa with a better understanding.