Top 5 Foods to try in Myanmar

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I am a serial foodie and all my regular readers know that I can resist anything but delicious-looking food (particularly a dish I never had before). I have been to Myanmar a couple of times and each time I am fascinated by the food this uniquely beautiful country has to offer. While Myanmar may not be one of the popular countries on the face of the earth, its food is, and it is loved equally by the natives, by the people of the neighboring countries and by the Westerners.

Let me make your mouth water by listing top 10 foods to try in Myanmar here.

1. Burmese Duck Curry

I never tried a Duck Curry before in my life. I don’t like to eat ducks that much, I love them as living beings, they are one of my favorite birds, but Bagan experience told me that these beautiful creatures can be yummy as hell.

2. Pickled Tea Leaf Salad (Lahpet Thoke)

Although I have had enough street food in the past, I am not a big fan of it and I always have a phobia that I might get sick eating it. I had Lahpet Thoke (Pickled Tea Leaf Salad) twice on my two different trips to Myanmar, once in a nice Yangon restaurant and the other time at an average restaurant in Sittwe town. I enjoyed it both the times so much that my mouth is watering writing about the dish.

3. Mohinga

Most bloggers will tell you that Mohinga is the best dish that the country of Myanmar has to offer, but from my experience, it is one of the best dishes that you will ever have and I rank it as the third best food that this unique country has to offer. It is extremely delicious but I am not a big noodle fan.

4. Burmese Ginger Salad

Made with spicy ginger, salty fish sauce, fried lentils, peanuts cabbage, chickpeas, chickpea flour, and garlic silvers, Burmese ginger salad looks as delicious as it tastes.

5. Burmese Biryani

Originated in Hyderabad, India, Biryani has come a long way making its way to different cultures and nations. Myanmar has its own version of the dish which they call Burmese Biryani and sometimes also Burmese Chicken Biryani. The best thing I had in the beautiful city of Naypyidaw was a plate full of this toothsome and magnificent dish.

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