What I Learned by Visiting Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia near South-East India. It is historically recognized as one of the world’s largest tourist attraction centres. Sri Lanka is a diverse and a multicultural country. It is also a cosmopolitan country. It therefore comprises of many religions such as Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Ar theists.

Ethnic groups and languages in Sri Lanka are also diverse. Inhabitants of Sri Lanka are hospitable and non hostile. It is an all language country. In addition to the majority Sinhalese, it hosts Sri Lankans and Burghers, Malays, Moors, Kaffirs, Indian Tamils and the aboriginal Vedda.

In Sri Lanka peace and unity

While visiting Sri Lanka, I learnt many facts that made a long-lasting impression and changed the perception i earlier held about Sri Lanka. First, I used to perceive any island Country as as being associated with perpetual conflicts with neighboring countries. In Sri Lanka however, peace and unity are the pillars upon which national development is based.

There is adequate evidence that the country is thriving. it has ten major hotels that make it unique and different from other countries. These are Helga’s Folly, Jetwing Vil Uyana, Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge, Boulder Garden Hotel, The Mansion, The Grand Hotel, Heritance Village Hotel, Aliya Resort and Spa, Sigiriya Village Hotel, The Blue Water and Dolphin Beach Resort . These are only but to name a few of the hotels.

Wide variety of foodstuffs

Apart from just enjoying the beautiful sceneries around and inside the hotels, I also enjoyed a wide variety of foodstuffs. Main meals consumed by Sri Lankans include Those, Pol Sambol, sour fish curry, Dhal or Lentil Curry among other delicious meals. Breakfast dishes were mostly String Hoppers. Milk Rice and Sweetmeats are especially served as special occasion and festive meals. All the meals, Rice and Curry is the main meal in almost all households.

Warm climate

Enjoyment and relaxation from these strange adventures was not only necessitated by feasting in the hotels but also basking on the shores of the ocean and the comforting breeze that blow smoothly, especially in the warm climate. The breeze is sufficient to achieve the most desired moments of happiness. you don’t need a comedian to feel happy.

Strange friendly people

In a nut shell, a visit to Sri Lanka makes one a fresh, young and healthy individual. It is full of enjoyment, adventure and entertainment, meeting strange people who form friendships quickly and easily, making one feel at home. the kind of food consumed is popular but prepared in a unique way that you hardly believe its the same food you earlier knew.

A visit to Sri Lanka is enjoyable.

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