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Online shopping tips

When you’re shopping for clothes online there’s a lot of advantages, like easily comparing the collection of shops and easily comparing prices so you’re quite sure that you are doing a good deal. However there are also some disadvantages, like you can’t feel, touch and try on the clothes/shoes you want to buy. Of course

Wedding dresses UK

Wedding dresses UK – There is an enormous amount of wedding dresses shops in the UK, as well reall shops as online. Depending on which are requirements are there are many possibilities to choose from. The important thing is to know what you want, and to learn this you will have to see what’s possible.


Primark UK has 159 stores in the UK at the moment. That’s more than half of all the stores they have in total. All the clothes they sell are specially made for Primark, so it is all their own brands. You will find fashionable clothing for very low prices at the Primark stores in England,

Cheap baby clothes

Cheap baby clothes – Well if one thing is for sure is that the baby itself mostly doesn’t complain about how cheap it’s clothes are:) However sometimes the parents seem to think that more expensive clothing is somehow better for the baby, of course it could be that certain fabrics are more comfortable (or the

Next UK

The company was founded by Joseph Hepworth in Leeds in 1864 as a tailor under the name of Joseph Hepworth & Son. The NEXT brand exists since 1982, at the time it was a revolutionary retail concept that presented coordinated collection of (own branded) womenswear and accessories in kind of boutique style shops. Next offers

Zara UK

Zara UK – Zara is a Spanish shopping chain that’s been around since 1975. Almost everyone knows Zara and that you can get trendy fashionable clothes for a reasonable price. It is one of the bigger international fashion companies and is part of Inditex, one of the biggest distributors in the world. In the UK


Dresses, woman love them and like to wear them. There are dresses for all kinds of occassions and they are elegant to wear. In our culture dresses are normally worn by women but there are cultures where they are also worn bij men. The most important dress you will wear in your life is probably

Cheap shoes online

So looking for cheap shoes online? Well who isn’t:) Luckily there is an overflow of shoes shops on the internet and we have all the choice in the world. However you must never forget that shoes are besides a fashion object also very important for the health of your feet, legs and back! Being pretty


H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz and is a Swedish fashion chain. Normally you would write h&m together without spaces, but I noticed that people write it in all different ways (h&m, h & m, handm, h and m, hm, etc..). And of course the ones with spellingmistakes;). Anyway… H&M has a very nice line

Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses, for most people one of the most difficult clothing piece they’ll have to choose. Furthermore, there is an enormous amount of wedding dresses to choose from, so it will be a difficult task… because everyone wants to look great on the most important day of their life… or at least that’s what they