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H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz and is a Swedish fashion chain. Normally you would write h&m together without spaces, but I noticed that people write it in all different ways (h&m, h & m, handm, h and m, hm, etc..). And of course the ones with spellingmistakes;). Anyway… H&M has a very nice line of clothing and is considered to be low range with price, which is also the goal of the company. The shop follows the current trends and fashion and has a few fashion lines that regularly come with a new collection. There a lot of H&M’s in the UK, so there is most likely one near you (all over the world in fact). If you’d like to tell your experiences with this shop then please do so in the comments section below.

H&M – How it started

It all started with Erling Persson (Swedish). In 1947 Erling got impressed with the success that was booked by cheap clothing stores in America. It was a wellknown concept over there, but not yet in Europe. Therefore when Persson came back he opened a shop called Hennes in Sweden. It was a big success and the company expanded by starting a shop called Mauritz Widforss (hunting, outdoor and men), eventually only the men’s part of this store remained and the name changed to Hennes & Mauritz (H&M).

Throughout the years H&M has become an international known concept. ALmost everyone knows the store and knows what they can find there. I recently bought myself some trousers and shirt at an H&M and I was very pleased with the price and also with the quality. Untill now I haven’t had any complaints but I have heard from an employee which I know that returns are handled very well in this store. If you’d like to share your own experience, then do so in the comments below.

What’s also nice to know about h&m is that they do a lot for good causes. They a campagne called ‘Fashion against AIDS’ and donated a lot too HIV prevention. Also other causes like WaterAid where helped by h&m.

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