H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz and is a Swedish fashion chain. Normally you would write h&m together without spaces, but I noticed that people write it in all different ways (h&m, h & m, handm, h and m, hm, etc..). And of course the ones with spellingmistakes;). Anyway… H&M has a very nice line

Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses, for most people one of the most difficult clothing piece they’ll have to choose. Furthermore, there is an enormous amount of wedding dresses to choose from, so it will be a difficult task… because everyone wants to look great on the most important day of their life… or at least that’s what they

How long will it take to get a visa to Australia: Tips and guidelines

Applying a visa is a simple job for everyone, however having a little understanding and awareness regarding procedures and prerequisites is highly essential. If you are also seeking knowledge on, “How long will it take to get a visa to Australia”, this article will provide you the required information about the theme that you are

How to apply for an Indian Visa?

Do you want to travel to India for your vacation or business? Do you know that you are required to have a travel document with a visa obtained from an Indian consulate? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you have come to the right place. All foreigners who are seeking visas

Sri Lanka visa requirements

Many people visit Sri Lanka each year for different reasons, including business, religious pilgrimage, and tourism. All foreign nationals are required to have a proper visa to enter the country. With few exceptions, there are 4 main requirements for getting a visa to Sri Lanka. Failing to submit the right documents will most likely result

Forever 21 UK

In the UK we find 3 shops of forever21, here are the addresses and opening times: FOREVER 21 BIRMINGHAM BULLRING Birmingham Bullring (England) MSU 8-9, Levels 7&9 Bullring Birmingham, West Midlands Phone: 011 44 121 616 2169 HOURS Sun 11:00AM-5:00PM Mon 9:30AM-8:00PM Tue 9:30AM-8:00PM Wed 9:30AM-8:00PM Thu 9:30AM-8:00PM Fri 9:30AM-8:00PM Sat 9:00AM-8:00PM FOREVER 21 OXFORD

What is Myanmar visa eTA and who is it assigned for?

As previously mentioned, Myanmar visa application does not oblige us to visit the legitimate organizations as you can finish the procedure on the web. Many organizations give online sites and stages where you can rapidly complete the Myanmar visa application prepare. In any case, not everyone of them is dependable and costs additionally differ starting

How long can you stay on a tourist visa in Canada?

If you are traveling as a tourist or a visitor to meet friends, families, or just take a visit to Canada you have limited time to stay in Canada. If you wish to extend a bit more, you have to do the things required (which is to be shown in the next bullet). When traveling

Zalando UK

Almost everyone knows Zalando, it is one of Europe’s biggest webshops. Especially the slightly annoying but funny commercials are known to many people. Zalando started out focussing on shoes but nowadays it sells a wide variety of fashion products. You will find clothes for men and woman (also children) and many more. Zalando started out

Walmart UK

Walmart UK – Walmart is an American multinational retailer that has many chains of large discount stores. It´s worlds third biggest public corporation. Walmart has about 8,500 stores in 15 countries. It operates under 55 different names… in the US it operates under the name Walmart but in the UK it is known as Asda