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Primark UK has 159 stores in the UK at the moment. That’s more then half of all the stores they have in total. All the clothes they sell are specially made for Primark, so it is all their own brands. You will find fashionable clothing for very low prices at the Primark stores in England, and I guess almost everyone has heard of it’s name. I myself shop there regularly and I can recommend it to everyone! Be carefull though… these shops can get extremely crowded:)

Primark Manchester

The largest Primark store is located in Manchester. To be exact you can find the shop on Market Street and is over 100,000 sq ft (three floors). Primark aims to sell trendy clothes for cheap prices and this seems to work pretty good, seeing to the fact they have a lot of stores throughout Europe! And in every country you visit a Primark, you will notice that it’s always almost crowded:)

Some facts

The Irish retailer called Primark can be found in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands and the UK. The headquarter can be found in Dublin. The first Primark was opened in 1969 in Dublin.

Did you ever shop at a Primark and do you want to share your experiences, then leave a comment below.

These brands can be found at the shop:

Atmosphere – Ladies fashion & formal wear

Denim Co. – Ladies denim

Limited Edition – Ladies fashion

Co-Ordinates – ladies fashion formal wear

Authentic Apparel – ladies leisure wear

Secret Possessions – lingerie & nightwear

No Secret – Lingerie

Primark Essentials – underwear

Love 2 Lounge – slippers, hot water bottles etc.

Ocean Club – beachwear and towels

Cedarwood State – Mens fashion

Butler & Webb – Mens formal wear

Backswing – Sportswear

Cedarwood State Active (CS Active) – Mens sportswear

Denim Co. – Men’s denim

Primark Essentials – underwear & nightware

Authentic Apparel – Mens leisure wear

Early Days – babywear

Little rebel – boys babywear

Young dimension – girls babywear

Young dimension – young girlswear

Girl 2 Girl – young girlswear

YD – older girlswear

Rebel – boyswear

Denim Co. – Children’s denim

Primark Essentials – underwear

Opia – Accessories

Opia Girls – Accessories for girls

Primark Beauty – Cosmetics

Primark Home – bedding, cushions, curtains, towels, kitchen and home accessories

Primark Online

At the moment Primark online shopping is not possible, also I do not know of any indication that this will be possible in the future (if you do, please let us know in the comments). There is a popular demand for an primark online shop, as I can notice in the comments and emails that we have. Let’s hope that they will see how many people would like to shop online with Primark, so we will receive a webshop soon:)

Primark quality

There’s a lot of different opinions on the quality of primark clothes. Many people consider the quality of the clothes good enough for the price that they are offered at, but also I hear a lot of people complain that it is better to buy a little higher priced clothes with better quality as they will last longer. What is your opinion on the quality of the clothes of Primark? How long can you normally wear them and do you notice that they do not survive as many washings as your more expensive clothes? Let us know in the comments, and share your opinion with other readers.

Primark Shoes

One of the things I really like about Primark (and so do most of my friends) is their shoes. They have wide variety of fashionable shoes for very cheap prices. They are always trendy and look like expensive designer shoes. Proves the fact that making shoes people like doesn’t have to cost that much. Of course you should realize that these shoes do not include the most expensive materials. If you already have problems with your feet, you should always consult an expert on which shoes are best for you and your feet.


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